Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Review of the Hammer Razyr

Hammer has recently done something that no other company has tried recently. They designed a new bowling ball called the Razyr, and I love this ball. The Razyr has a pancake core just like a plastic ball, but it has a much more aggressive Recoil Reactive coverstock. The factory finish is sanded to a smooth 4000 grit finish and polished with Powerhouse Factory Finish. What this means to you is this ball is great for any lane condition where you need the ball to get through the front and middle part of the lane, and maintain a strong backend. I use this ball anytime the front part of the lane dries up and I have trouble with my stronger balls burning up and hooking to early. I thought this would be a great bowling ball on the Cheetah PBA pattern, but I have since realized that since it retains all of it's energy and has a very sharp backend, I did not carry well. I still have the factory finish, and if I roughed the surface up, I bet you could tone down that sharp backend and use this ball on just about any pattern. I have really loved this ball so far and really appreciate Hammer being so innovative and creating so many wonderful products!

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