Sunday, January 31, 2010

Michael Fagan Wins His First PBA Tour Singles Title

Michael Fagan has finally overcome the hump. Although he already had one PBA Tour title, it was a double's event where he and Danny Wiseman won together. Well today at the One A Day Dick Weber open, he finally won his first singles event, defeating Walter Ray Williams Jr by the final score of 241 - 213.

Fagan won in dramatic fashion by striking in the 9th frame and the first two balls in the 10th, shutting out Walter from having a chance at winning. Walter looked as though he was going to take the game over, but he ran into some issues with carry and it just was not his day.

Also making the show was Pete Weber, who I am sure would love to win the tournament named after his late father, but Walter Ray continued his dominance on Pete on tv.

Congratulations Mike on a great victory today!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kelly Kulick Wins the PBA Bowling Tournament of Champions

In dramatic fashion, Kelly Kulick has won the 2010 PBA Tournament of Champions. This marks a historic day for Kelly, as well as women's sports everywhere. She has proven that you do not have to be male to compete in a male dominated sport.

Kelly won this tournament against all odds, playing against a field consisting of only previous tournament winners as well as multiple hall of fame bowlers. In her last game against Chris Barnes, it seemed as though she could not miss. Pending better carry with her pocket 7 ten split, she could have bowled a 300.

This year, the PBA Tour has been full of feel-good stories and is a marketing's dream. At first, Tom Smallwood, having been laid off from GM, focused on his bowling career and win his first PBA tournament, and a major at that. Then, Anthony LaCaze became a first time PBA tournament winner at the Earl Anthony Classic, and under the hard conditions they bowled in made this victory quite amazing. Now we have the first woman to win a PBA Tour victory and I have never been so emotional and yelled so loud every time she struck!

Many critics out there have been fairly hard on the PBA Tour for all they are doing to promote the sport, and many have been hard on the women, saying they are part of the reason tv ratings have went down. Well Kelly has officially shut them up winning this tournament and shown that women have a place in the PBA Tour, and in my opinion, shown that they belong and can compete in other sports as well. Congratulations Kelly on this great victory and this historic day!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Could Kelly Kulick Win The 2010 PBA Tournament of Champions

The 2010 PBA Tournament of Champions is currently underway at Red Rock Lanes in Las Vegas, NV, and boy is it turning out to be exciting. The tournament of Champions is a tournament reserved for the best of the best. Only previous tournament winners and PBA Tour Champioins are invited to this exclusive event, and for the first time ever, Kelly Kulick is competing.

Kelly Kulick has made PBA history in the past as well, after she became the first woman to advnace through the PBA Tour Trials and become the first exempt woman bowler in 2006. Can she now do the ultimate and become the first woman to win a PBA Tour event? That would be quite an accomplishment, not too mention her first tournament being the most prestigious, and possibly hardest tournament to win. To put this in perspective, the all-time winningest player on the tour is Walter Ray WIlliams Jr, and he has yet to win this tournament.

Prior to Friday's two rounds of match play, Kulick is sitting in 5th place, with only a 55 pin deficit to the current 4th place finisher Rhino Page. With only 16 more games to go in today's two match play events, she could really make history, and I am for am pulling for her all the way. When asked about her past season as an exempt player, she said, “I drew on a lot of experience from that season for this tournament,” Kulick said. “So far I’ve been able to find an area of the lane to play where most of the guys either aren’t or can’t play. I’m getting good ball reaction and my carry percentage is high.”

I really hope she bowls well today and makes the show. What a great win to show all the fans out there that women bowlers can compete with the guys, and that it can be just as exciting to watch. Good luck Kelly!

For more information, or to find out the results later today, vist the official website of the
PBA Tour.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rhino Page Leads After Second Round in PBA Tournament of Champions | Professional Bowlers Association

Follow this link to find out how your favorite bowler is doing in the Tournament of Champions. FYI, Kelly Kulick is the first woman to ever compete in the event, and she is doing better than you think!

Rhino Page Leads After Second Round in PBA Tournament of Champions Professional Bowlers Association