Monday, October 4, 2010

Bowling a 297: Good or Bad?

Last week during bowling league, I struggled through my first game. I could not carry when I threw it good, and I was not throwing it good very often. I finished with a 172, wondering if this was just going to be another night getting me closer to playing golf once a week. Then, all of a sudden it came together. I threw the first two strikes and joked with my doubles partner for that match that we should shoot 600. Well the next thing I know, we both had the first 6! He missed in the 7th frame, but I continued on, the closer I got the more nervous I felt. I have not shot a 300 in serveral years, and by the time I reached the 12th ball, that bolwing ball felt very heavy. I stepped up to the approach, and my mind was clear, until I realized a sdistinct noise....silence. The entire bowling center got quiet, not one other person on the approach bowling, and not one person making a sound. All you could hear was the sound my footsteps made as I stepped closer to the foul line. Then, with my mind filled with doubt, I pulled it so bad, I missed the headpin altogether, leaving the 1-3-6 there laughing at my face, as well as some of the other league bowlers. A 297, which is the third highest game you can bowl and still be disappointed. However, most people will tell you a 297 is a great game. Of course it is, but how would you feel if you were a pitcher on the 27th batter in a perfect game and he bunted and reached on first with a single. Feel free to leave comments. My opinion is that it was a little bit of a dissappointment, but it sure has gotten me excited about tonight!

P. S. - The ball I threw was my
Hammer Razyr.

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